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Hello there! 🙂  

I am Vidya, based out of the beautiful city of Bengaluru (Bangalore to some), India. I’m a traveler, a working professional, a wife, an artist, eater of many things and wearer of many hats with pride. A girl who believes that life is a fairy-tale with happy endings and it’s up to you to make it happen. I make my life exciting with generous doses of LOVE, TRAVEL, FOOD and ART.  

The travel bug bit me when I was young, I grew up with a dream to travel and discover the world my way. I am a practicing HR professional and have been working full time for 9 years post my MBA. I love my job as it brings me joy, feeling of accomplishment, professional recognition and well the money that I need to pursue my passion – travel & art. With a tough balancing act between family, work & travel, I MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I have been traveling for the past 10 years, with the initial years focused more on travel within India and yes there is so much to explore in India, I just can’t seem to get enough of it. I have been lucky enough to travel to 17 countries so far and I’m not going to let this number stop growing. It is important to me that I do thorough research about each place that I am planning to visit & I enjoy putting together a wish list including off beat places and unique things to do in each destination. I would describe my travel style as ‘budget-luxe‘ – I like to make the most of my money but throw in a few luxury touches where I can.

I am getting into the world of blogging with “vidoutboundaries”, hoping to be a source of travel information and hopefully inspiration for the adventurous souls, urging you to explore places & try the unknown. From lantern making in Vietnam – ghost walks in London – food trails in Malnad & Chettinad – road trips to Leh, this blog is for those who want to challenge themselves, break boundaries, to help those who are bogged down by their routines and obligations, show them that it is possible to travel often with a full-time job, being married and having responsibilities.

I hope you enjoy the stories and photos as much as I enjoy sharing them.

About me

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