Bhutan stole my heart and I guess a tiny part stayed back there. It will always be one of my favourite places as that’s where I discovered true meaning of happiness in little things!
A country where development is measured by Gross National Happiness, where chilies are considered a vegetable, where I saw Takin, where your skin and hair glows because of the pollution free environment. (The only carbon negative country in the world).

You just may not find any other place as serenely beautiful as Bhutan if you visit this country first.

Giving you my 10 reasons to visit Bhutan:

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  • Incredible amount of scenery and culture spread across every corner of the 38,000-kilometer-square country. Will satisfy your Green space Urge.
  • People are genuinely Happy, Content and Patient in this happy country which believes “Gross National Happiness” is more important than “Gross Domestic Product”. The Love and respect for their King and Queen is admirable. Every household and public place has their photo.
  • The total population in Bhutan is estimated at 0.8 million people in 2018. Meaning not crowded. This also means that chances of your beautiful photos of the country getting bombed is very less.
  • For the love of Art – Bhutanese arts and crafts are deeply rooted and government is involved hugely in preserving the culture and heritage. Exploring Dzongs, monasteries, museums will make you marvel at their craftsmanship and skills in their arts and crafts.
  • Its un-spoilt – No Malls, No Starbucks and absolutely No traffic jams!
  • The only place you get to see Takin– national animal of Bhutan. Where else in the world would you get to see a Hybrid that looks like a goat’s skull attached to the skeleton of a cow?
  • In Thimphu post office you can have your personalized stamps created with your favourite picture to post, one which is legally valid and can be used for sending letters and postcards.
  • Paro is a unique airport where only 8 pilots have license to fly as its surrounded by mountains from all sides and the take-off and landing has to be done almost vertically. – something you don’t normally get to see elsewhere
  • Probably the only country where people are committed to wear their traditional clothes to work. Everyday!
  • Bhutan is a Buddhist country with strong belief in myths and legends. – From fluttering prayer flags to evil spirits, the stories are gripping
Simply Bhutan

I can go on giving you hundreds more but will leave at this, for you to discover your kind of happiness in Bhutan.

Tashi Delek: A wonderful saying which means many nice things in Bhutan but mainly best wishes and good luck. 

Overview of my 8 days itinerary for Western Bhutan.

Day 1 – Arriving in Phuentsholing

Day-2 : Phuentsholing -Thimpu by road, Night Life

Day-3 : Exploring Thimphu- Post Office, Buddha Dordenma, National Institute of Zorig Chusum (Art School) & Motithang Takin Preserve

Day-4 : National Library, Simply bhutan, café hopping & Thimphu Dzong

Day-5 Thimphu – Punakha, Dochula pass, Punakha Dzong, Suspension Bridge

Day-6 Punakha- Paro, Gangtey Palace

Day-7 Hike to Tiger’s Nest & Traditional Hot Stone Bath

Day-8 : Departure

If you want to see a more detailed itinerary, take a look at my other article on Bhutan… A 8 DAY STRESS FREE BHUTAN ITINERARY.

Bhutan Map

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